Effects of Extra Testosterone

Extra Testosterone
Extra Testosterone

What are the effects of extra testosterone?

Well it depends on what the testosterone is extra to. If you take testosterone because your levels are very low and the extra testosterone brings you up to a normal level then the effects of extra testosterone are positive. But if you take testosterone up to a level that is too high for your body then your extra testosterone could result in some quite nasty side effects.

Let’s look first at the effects of extra testosterone which takes you up to a normal level. Well, it depends on what your symptoms are really. Should you be feeling a bit depressed, then you may find that the effect of extra testosterone is to make you feel happier. Should you find yourself being a bit too moody and irritable, then the effect of extra testosterone may find you being a great deal more level-headed in your moods. Should you find that your libido is low and you are not enjoying sex when you have it, then you may find that extra testosterone lifts your libido and also lifts the amount of sensation you feel when you are having sex. So in the case of bringing your testosterone levels up to normal levels you can actually find that extra testosterone can have some quite positive effects.

Should you be looking at what happens if the extra testosterone that you take makes your testosterone level above what is your normal level then we are into the realm of side-effects. So let us look at those.

Should you have had spots when you were younger, you may get an outbreak of spots again, and these are most likely to be on your back or on your chest. You’ll find that you have higher levels of haemoglobin as well, although this is not such a bad thing it is regarded as beneficial to have high haemoglobin levels. If you already have prostate cancer, then extra testosterone must not be given to you – in fact you should always take a prostate cancer test before you take on extra testosterone. Some men find that they get male pattern baldness from too much testosterone and it is also possible that your testicles will shrink, mainly due to the fact that when you supplement your testosterone your body stops producing testosterone itself unless you take some HCG (HCG 5000 IU for Sale, Pregnyl HCG for Sale, Fertigyn for Sale, HuCoG 10000 IU for Sale, HuCoG 5000 IU for Sale). You could find that your sex drive becomes unusually elevated, which may or may not be a good thing, depends on whether you have an outlet for it and you aren’t in an important meeting!

Other effects of extra testosterone that affect women are menstrual irregularities, voice deepening, facial hair and body hair growth, clitoris enlargement and some acne as well.

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