What Is Testosterone Cream?

testosterone-creamWhat is testosterone cream?

Testosterone cream is an alternative to testosterone injections and testosterone patches. Topical testosterone cream is used as it is said to be absorbed more consistently by the body than the testosterone injections. It is applied to the arms and the torso.

However, as with the other types of testosterone supplements, testosterone has several disadvantages. The results obtained by the cream are not as drastic as the results you can achieve from testosterone injections. It is not as effective for the same period of time in the body as a testosterone injection and has to therefore be applied twice a day in general.

In order to get hold of testosterone cream, you need to get a prescription from a qualified doctor. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go to your personal GP, you can actually get an online prescription from online suppliers of testosterone cream once you have completed an online consultation.

Testosterone cream is obtained in two forms. They are prepackaged testosterone cream and compounded testosterone cream. A qualified pharmacist needs to specially prepare the compounded testosterone cream in a form specified by a physician. Only selected pharmacies will have compounded testosterone cream available. But you can also buy compounded testosterone cream on the internet or through mail-order pharmacies.

The packaged testosterone creams need to meet more strict FSA requirements that the compounded testosterone cream because they are pre-formulated so you as the customer have less control over what you are getting. The most popular packaged cream is called Androgel which is a testosterone cream sold in many pharmacies.

When you buy testosterone cream, you can buy it in strengths of 1 to 100 mg/g. This means that should you buy cream that is 100 mg/g you are buying a cream which is 10% testosterone.

Testosterone cream is not only for men though, it has been proved in a new study recently that testosterone cream can benefit women as well. In order to create the female hormone estrogen women need to have testosterone in their body. As women get older though the amount of testosterone in their bodies decreases, similar to what happens in men.

Researchers at the Jean Hailes Foundation in Melbourne found that testosterone cream can be utilized to increase the testosterone amount in a woman’s body. Since low levels of testosterone in women have been proved to be linked to a loss of libido, tiredness, mood swings and depression. But the testosterone cream used in the tests alleviated these effects and managed to improve women’s sexual function, well-being and improved moods.

Importantly, this doesn’t just work for post-menopausal women, it also has the same positive effects for younger, pre-menopausal women (aged 35-45) suffering from an ailing sex drive.

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