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This was my first online order so I did a ton of research and shopping around. Out of all the sites I looked at (at least the top 20 or so sites here on testosteroids) roidsmall was the site I finally came to the conclusion was the best. There are other sites that look like they have good customer service, or good price, fast shipping, or trustworthy products, but had everything. The people working there are professional and helpful.

I’ve never been on the site and not seen the customer support live. I talked to them a few times with some beginner questions about ordering and they were always more than willing to help. I’m writing this review because when a company I’ve had no history with treats me this well it’s only right I give them some thanks.

Like I said above they have a support chat line that is always helpful, and as far as I have seen always online. I never had any problems that had to be worked out with them but I did ask a couple questions and the answers were always good.

Like everyone else on here has already said roidsmall T/A is really impressive. From shipment to delivery it took 8 business days to get to my place. Payment took a day to pick up and shipment was 2 days from that. All in all I started my cycle around 10 business days from placing my order. Everything was shipped extremely securely. There was no rattling at all and the order was held in place by bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and a sturdy enough box.

1 Cycles worth of DP Sustanon 270
I’m running 270 mg’s of the sust a week injecting every 3 days to keep my levels steady. I’ve been on the test for a few weeks now and the results are awesome. It only took a few days to start feeling more energetic and get an increase in my libido, and I’m now noticing gains in strength and size. Dragon Pharma products have a reputation for being great and I can’t say anything to the contrary. So far I’ve noticed no acne or adverse side effects (keeping in mind I’m only taking 270 mg’s / week.) There is absolutely NO post injection pain at all, nothing more to say about that.

If you compare the sources available there is no better choice than They have impeccable customer service, cheaper prices than any other site, and for international shipping a very short turn around time.