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One of the benefits of online shopping is that we get to compare between a lot of products and brands at the same time. Always a thorough research makes a great decision. But doing this on the local retail stores is not very convenient. Therefore, online shopping is so popular! Testosterones are shopped online throughout the world these days. Thousands of online pharmacies are involved in this market. The reviews of so many customers clearly show how convenient it is! Testosterone.to is one such online pharmacy that provides the customers with great deals and make them a significant amount of savings by purchasing testosterone here.

This is basically a store that works as a media between the different licensed pharmacies and the customers. It sells both oral and injectable steroids for different sport issues. It was established in 2002. Safety, highest quality and lowest possible price – are the top three features of this online store service provider for testosterone. In order to purchase steroids here, customers does not have to provide a valid prescription authorized by a licensed physician. No membership or sign up fee is required to shop on this online pharmacy. For all orders, filling and shipping are done followed by the local law of the concerned pharmacy. International licensed pharmacies are associated with this online testosterone store.

The customer care center of this online pharmacy is located in Gret Neck, new York. The customer care team consists of toll free telephone & fax numbers, email, street address and the traditional ‘contact us’ method. The telephone and fax numbers are received 24X7 and in case, a customer fails to reach the pharmacy through phone, s/he can always leave a message which will be replied within 24-48 hours. The store pharmacy promises to beat any price provided by other pharmacies and to provide the customers with the lowest possible price for testosterone. It also promises the customers a saving of up to 40%-90%. However, the customers can only order a 90-day supply of medicines at one time. Payment can be made by credit cards like VISA, MasterCard and drafts or international money orders.

All the orders are shipped by regular Postal Service Mail with a flat cost per package. Only for USA orders, the USPS Shipping Service is used. All the international orders are usually delivered within 14-18 business days from the time of receiving order by the pharmacy. The delivery time taken for the USA orders is 8-12 business days. Like many other online drug stores, this one also doesn’t accept any return of an order. However, in case an order is not reached within the stipulated time frame or gets damaged in any other way during delivery, the pharmacy will provide a free reshipment.

The testosterone.to pharmacy seems to be reliable for at least giving it a try. Read more testosterone.to reviews.