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Visit this website – is the best there is hands down. If you are ordering online supplements then is the place. The ease of the site, the numerous products offered, the lab test results, the outstanding customer service, all coupled with super fast shipping! What more can one ask for?

Again, cant say enough about the ease of the site. So easy to navigate and search the numerous products from several reputable companies. Love that is a one stop shop as I purchased anti-biotics and anti-inflammatory medicine as well as Serms , asthma meds, and testosterone supplements. Support was fantastic as well, when one product I had order had become out of stock was in constant contact with me in order to rectify the situation prior to shipping.

What more can you ask for? Less than 2 weeks from payment sent to products received! Shipping was broken down into several packages that arrived registered mail. Well packaged to avoid detection and breakage. Was very pleased to receive my ” health supplement samples” .

All I can say is wow! Products were all legit as far as Ive tried! I will break down each product used to the best I can as well as how I personally use each supplement. I am no pro bodybuilder but I am a professional athlete. Luckily my sport has no drug testing of any kind so no worries.

First I will also say that I am 5’10 185lbs solid and ripped with over 20 years of training experience. I will also say that I personally am super lucky to have fantastic genetics and respond tremendously well to small to moderate dosages. Always best to start low and ramp up as needed to find your own “sweet spot”.

Kalpa Test Cyp 250 mg-10ml bottle.

Great great product from a reputable company. While the 10 ml bottles are a bit small the product and the package are all legit. Super thin oil that inject smooth with no pain or pip. Fantastic base product or even as a stand-alone. This is a great product I use and have used for cruising 1ml a week and as a stand alone 1ml x 2 a week -500mg. Does everything a great Cyp should. Great sense of well being, strength, sex drive. At the 500 mg a week dosage expect gains of at least 15 pounds per 6-8 weeks if you each your meals and train your ass off. Moderate bloat but nothing too crazy if dosages are kept low and diet is clean. Right now Im cruising at 250 mg a week and I couldn’t be happier. Energy through the roof.

Dragon Pharma Test suspension 100mg -10ml

Love this product. Compared to all the suspension Ive been lucky to come across this product provided the least amount of pip for a 100mg per ml test suspension ! That being said expect the usual suspension soreness just not the extreme as the others Ive tried. My trick to cut the suspension with B-12 at least a half/half ratio. While suspension in general I like to use at the end of a cutting cycle to maintain fullness and strength. I tend to restrict my carbs then reintroduce them when I apply the suspension to help fill up and fill out . But for this product I simply ordered one bottle to try out. Now I use it simply as “pick me up product”. If I am feeling sluggish , hazy, or need a boost. I mix up a cocktail of .5 to 1ml of b12 and .5ml (50mg suspension). Within 20 minutes the effects are already starting to be felt. Love to use it in that regard.

Will be ordering more Balkan Test prop and Kalpa Dbol. I tried these products because they were on special and new products to be listed by Never heard of this company before but if listed them they have to be legit so I figured why the fuck not. I also like trying different labs versions of tried and true classics so as a consumer I may do my own compare and contrast. Again makes this so easy. First , I really really enjoy the Test Prop.! 100mg 1ml amps 10 per box at 19 bucks on special. Couldn’t beat it. The packaging was great although the Balkan website was down so product confirmation wasn’t possible. Gtg and great prop overall. Minor pip and soreness. Amps open easy …almost too easy as one did shatter completely in my hand. But I will never bitch about an amp this is easy to pop. 1ml eod to start was perfect! Strength, size, sex drive, mental focus at truly minor minor bloat and min sides. Just good prop.

BD Clen tabs.

In two words. Holy Shit! Powerful shit. Love this in the spring time to help with breathing while slimming up for summer. I use at 1 tab in the am with the morning coffee and Im gtg. That , again, is all I need. Perfect dosage as it improves breathing, focus, suppresses appetite, and energy energy energy! I use at 1 tab a day in the am for 3 days on then one day off for 3 week stints. This moderate dose of this product does wonders for me. Using this product now and will be also be using along with my ancillaries during pct of my summer test/Eq cycle . Havent tried any of the other products . Purchases the DP eq on “product of the week” and couldn’t pass up ordering , knowing I was going to stash it for my summer cycle. Planning my starting my summer cycle in the weeks to come which will consist of T.Cyp/EQ/Tbol followed by a pct w Aromasin and Nova with some clen in there for good measure. Go big or go home! is just the best. Kalpa and Dragon products are always top top notch. Go with, they will take care of you. The best products and service!