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    Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone

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Testosterone Online

Testosterone is a very important hormone for the body. It provides you with energy and motivation, it helps you through puberty, it promotes muscle definition and an excess of it has been linked to higher athletic performance. It can lessen the effects of depression and lessen irritability. It also drives libido and sexual sensation and is just in general a “good thing”. This is why many people want to supplement their testosterone levels. We do insist though, that you be aware that it is possible to have too much testosterone and you need to watch your levels.

This site takes a long hard look at testosterone. We have a general overview of testosterone as well as a few pages of short answer frequently answered questions (FAQ).

We also look at what it means if you have low testosterone levels and high testosterone levels. Talking of testosterone levels, we try to answer the question of what the correct level of testosterone is for a woman and for a man. This is not easy to do as different people have different levels of testosterone which is comfortable for them. The normal level of testosterone falls within a range, and that range is quite large. At least with a range we can say what level of testosterone is too low and what level of testosterone is too high. In general though, you should know when your testosterone level is too low by the symptoms you should suffer from.

We talk about how to measure your testosterone levels and what a testosterone test is and where you can get it from. It is very important to find out what your testosterone level is so then you could make sure that you are using the correct level of supplements. You need to take a blood test and in particular a test for prostate cancer because taking a testosterone supplement can aggravate prostate cancer.

We talk about the difference between natural testosterone and non-natural testosterone, which is vital as natural testosterone is exactly the same make up as the testosterone in your body and needs to be made by compounding pharmacists. We look at ways to get your testosterone up by not taking supplements as well, although some of them are more old wives tales than anything else.

We cover the different testosterone treatments in some detail. We look at skin patches, which are put on your arms like other patches and can be stopped and started again and are convenient. Testosterone implants are implanted under the skin around the abdomen under anaesthetic. Testosterone creams, also called gels, are rubbed daily on your abdomen. Testosterone injections are a sort of quick fix supplement, and can last for two weeks.