How to Buy Testosterone

buy testosterone

How do I buy testosterone?

The ease with which it is possible to buy testosterone was highlighted a few years ago when it was found that women MPs and businesswomen were buying testosterone in order to help them do better at work and compete in world’s that are dominated by men. The reason why it was seen as a problem in particular was because they were buying the drug over the internet and weren’t checking their own levels first.

Doctors and experts had no doubt that testosterone supplementation was a good thing but felt that the people who should really be using it are women who have completed the menopause and for whom the lack of testosterone was affecting their quality of life so much that something had to be done. But the people using it were those of all ages who wanted to solve career and sex problems.

You can buy testosterone over the internet, or at pharmacies, but it is very important that you work out whether it is right for you. What we do not want is for you to go straight to the internet to buy testosterone, the ingestion of which takes you over the normal levels and then you suffer from side effects which you may not want.

If you are feeling low in energy or irritable, it’s easy to immediately think that the reason is because of low testosterone levels, but it could just be due to anxiety and stress. Your best bet is to find a doctor or physician capable of measuring your current testosterone levels. You should also make sure that you know what your treatment entails.

It is a potent hormone which is tightly regulated by the human body, meaning that should your levels get too high you may get greasy skin, facial hair, acne, and your voice may deepen. Should you get a measurement of your testosterone and it is normal or even high and you still insist that you want to buy testosterone, then you can expect that the doctor will make you sign a letter to state that you have been warned of the side-effects.

You can buy implant pellets which are fitted through a cut in the lower stomach under general anaesthetic. This will leave a scar but also will at least give you a constant supply of the hormone.

Testosterone patches release a small amount of testosterone each day which is regarded as safer and less intrusive than implants.

Testosterone gel can be bought from European pharmacists and rubbed onto your stomach. You can stop this immediately which stops you overdosing.

There are also testosterone pills and capsules which are easy to take but absorption into the body is not reliable.

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