Now maybe there is no such a bodybuilder that would not know what Sustamed is. Probably only young athletes may not possess such information, and for them, we inform you that this is a complex steroid containing a few (four) esters of Testosterone. Note that to buy Sustamed in a pharmacy is practically impossible, and to do so is not worth it.

As we said, at the basis of this steroid stands testosterone esters, difference between them lies in the half-life period. As a result, Sustamed combines all the advantages of short and long-acting testosterone. It begins to work quickly and is able to maintain an anabolic background for a long time. To prevent the occurrence of hormonal pits, you only need to put injections once every seven days.

Sustamed Effects

Sustamed perfectly accelerates protein synthesis processes in muscle tissue, which is a prerequisite for fiber hypertrophy. During the cycle with this preparation you will skyrocket your appetite. It is equally important that Sustamed has a positive effect on the hematopoietic function of the body, increasing the number of red blood cells. As a result, tissues receive more oxygen. This is the main reason why many athletes decide to buy Sustamed. The drug may be safe when used on a cycle of anti-estrogens. Sustamed is prone to flavoring and you need to keep this process under control. It is for this purpose it should be used adjuvants, for example, Mesterolone (Buy Proviron | Buy Proviroxyl | Buy Provimed). Also, this steroid may significantly suppress testicular operation, and post cycle therapy after its cycles is obligatory. Otherwise, the body will not be able to recover quickly, that can be very dangerous to your health.

Sustamed Usage and Dosage

As a rule, Sustamed cycle last a maximum of two months. This is enough to produce an excellent result, and then the efficiency begins to fall. The recommended weekly doses are in the range from 250 mg to 750 mg. Athletes prefer to buy Sustamed in those cases when it is necessary to gain the largest possible amount of muscle mass and its quality can be neglected. Even a solo cycle of this drug may be effective. However, bodybuilders often use it as a part of stack. But for this you should have some knowledge and experience in dealing with anabolic steroids. Sustamed combines well with almost all currently existing steroids. Among the most popular stack worth noting is the combination of NandroloneSustamed.

Sustamed Reviews

It may be a natural desire to read Sustamed reviews before its usage. We recommend that you do so if you have not previously used this drug. If we talk about the reviews of athletes on Sustamed, they are positive, which is not surprising, given the high popularity of this steroid.