Testolab-E 250

testolab-e 250

TESTOLAB-E 250 10 ML, 250 MG/ML.

Today we will talk about a very popular drug among bodybuilders – testosterone enanthate by 7Lab Pharma. The products of this manufacturer from Switzerland have never failed and are of high quality. In addition, the price of Testolab-E 250 also has a significant impact on decision, which is the most attractive.

The drug has found wide application in power sports. With its help, you can not only gain weight, but also increase physical parameters. This is one of two prolonged Testosterone esters, produced today by pharmaceutical companies. This tells that you will not need to often inject it. It is quite obvious that due to high androgenic activity, this drug can not be used by women.

Testolab-E 250 Effects

Note the most significant effects of this drug:

  • The muscular mass gained is of good quality.
  • The body can quickly recover after training sessions.
  • A moderate water retention is observed on cycle.
  • The power parameters are increased.
  • Muscle loss effect is relatively weak.
  • Normalizes the work of erectile function.

If you have not decided yet whether to purchase this AAS, then the positive qualities of the Testolab-E 250 considered above will definitely help to make the right choice. If we talk about possible side effects, we should note only two – suppression of the pituitary axis and an increase in the concentration of estrogens. The first of these is manifested when using high doses or long-term use of this steroid.

If the cycle duration exceeds 12 weeks, then start taking HCG and there will be no problems with testicles. To suppress the second, aromatase inhibitors, for example, Exemestane, should be used. High aromatization, as a rule, is also observed when using high dosages or there is predetermined by the genetic characteristics of the organism of the user.

Testolab-E 250 Uses and Dosages

Beginners can be advised to use testosterone enanthate solo. This will be sufficient to obtain excellent results. You can inject it once a week. The recommended doses in the above time interval are 250 – 500 mg. To conduct cycles which are lasting more than two months beginners should not.

A classic combined cycle can be considered a stack of Testolab-E 250 with Trenbolone. Beginners should use a short ester of this active component – Acetate. Experienced athletes can use prolonged ones. If you want to improve the quality of the mass, then the best choice will be Stanozolol. Also Turinabol or Oxandrolone will approach. Experienced athletes can be advised to use Testolab-E 250 with Nandrolone.

PCT is important after the cycle of any AAS. If you conducted solo Testolab-E 250 cycle, then choose between Clomid and Tamoxifen. Similarly, you can do in the case of combined cycles, in which there were no Nandrolones. Otherwise, use Clomid.