Testoxyl Suspension

testoxyl suspension


Testoxyl Suspension – aqueous suspension of testosterone, which is due to the deprivation of essential balance, is rapidly absorbed into the blood and begins to actively act on the body, which has a 100% stake of the active ingredient.

Testoxyl Suspension is an injectable anabolic drug that is based on Testosterone Suspension. The main feature of Testoxyl Suspension from other steroids, is considered the fact that it is manufactured in the form of an aqueous solution of testosterone, in fact because of this, it is not only fast enough starts to have an impact on the body of an athlete, but also incorporates a 100% share of the active ingredient.

Testoxyl Suspension Effects

The main advantage of Testoxyl Suspension is price, which will suit everyone, it is believed that it is activated very quickly in the body, whereby the visible results of the drug, appear much faster than from the preparations in the form of an oily solution. Thus, according to research experts, the drug has a maximum anabolic effect on the human body on the second day after injection. For a number of the main effects of the Testoxyl Suspension application, include:

  • Muscle growth;
  • Improved body pump;
  • Fat burning effect;
  • Improved power capacity and endurance;
  • Spermatogenesis stimulation.

Testoxyl Suspension Uses and Dosages

It is known that Testoxyl Suspension course, which should last no more than 5 weeks, has a very small half-life, which is why it is administered intramuscularly every day. According to the instructions of the drug, daily dosage should be 100 mg.

Testoxyl Suspension Stack

You can buy Testoxyl Suspension in any specialty store, it has a visible effect on its use, however, some athletes to achieve more significant results, combine this drug with others. So, for a more active building of muscle mass, many professional bodybuilders combine this drug with Equipoise and Nandrolone Decanoate.

Testoxyl Suspension Reviews

Today, Testoxyl Suspension reviews, which leaves not a small number of professionals, it is a very popular steroid preparation on the market. Athletes who leave a review about this drug, a very large emphasis is placed not only on the fact that Testoxyl Suspension has a rapid effect on the body, but also on the fact that it is not visible during a doping control.