Testosterone Booster

Testosterone Booster
Testosterone Booster

Where do I get a testosterone booster?

Why would you want a testosterone booster? Well, this site would suggest that the reason that you should want a testosterone booster is that you are showing the symptoms of being low in testosterone.

What are those symptoms?

They could be that you are feeling a general lacking in energy and motivation to complete any tasks. Maybe it is that you feel that you are lacking in sex drive and also not getting enough of a sensation when you have sex.

Whatever the symptoms of low testosterone, a testosterone booster can always be useful, although in reality a booster would not be enough if you have low testosterone, because as we have explained elsewhere on the site, you really need to undergo a concerted program over a few months.

So who is it that might really benefit from a testosterone booster?

Well, in recent years some products have appeared on the market which have allowed people to achieve certain aims faster than they might have done before. The problem is of course that most over-the-counter products may not have undergone proper authentication, testing and approval. By the nature of its name, a booster is quite short term and helps in a more localized fashion.

Perhaps the most famous testosterone booster is androstenedione which is better known as andro. The interest in what andro could do peaked in 1998 when the baseball player Mark McGwire, who had just broken a 27 year old home run record, announced that he had used in on a regular basis. This put Andro at the top of the shopping lists of those people who wanted to achieve an increase in muscle mass and sporting performance due to the increase in the testosterone levels of the body brought on by it.

Many athletes have boosted their testosterone levels with steroids, but there are some very dangerous health implications. Andro was called a “natural steroid” and is legal. The reason why it worked was that it is an immediate precursor to testosterone. This means that the Andro will be converted into testosterone, yet there have been little scientific proof of this. 100-200 mg a day of Andro is believed to increase testosterone a small amount in men, but in women, Andro find that they get an almost 6 fold increase in their testosterone levels. However, it should be pointed out that this is only a boost, and does not increase testosterone to a higher level permanently.

It should be pointed out that when you take a testosterone booster it may cause your body to stop producing testosterone itself, which can result in a lower production of sperm as well as reduced testosterone size in men, so be careful with the dosage.