Testosterone Prescription

Testosterone Prescription
Testosterone Prescription

Do I need a testosterone prescription?

The simple answer to this is that yes, you do need a prescription. But where there is a little bit of controversy over the subject of getting a prescription for testosterone is the places from which you can get a prescription. Some people think that getting a prescription means that you need to go to your GP and he/she would be the only person who can give it to you. But in actuality your options are far broader than that.

To be honest though, if you are feeling the symptoms that result from low testosterone, you should really start by giving a visit to your doctor. The reason for this is that if you have regularly visited your doctor then he or she will know your body the best and be able to give you individual advice. You must not just take testosterone supplements without making sure that they are what you need, because the side-effects of giving yourself too high a level of testosterone are really quite serious.

Let’s say that you are sure that you need your testosterone to be supplemented, and your doctor doesn’t know much about testosterone supplements. It is doubtful that a doctor would want to prescribe a medication for you that they don’t know about, but as you may have guessed, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get hold of the testosterone supplement that you need.

There are some specialists out there who you can go to visit and they will take some tests. These tests must include a test for prostate cancer as if you take testosterone and you have any form of prostate cancer it will worsen the disease very quickly. If you are a woman you should take a pregnancy test as you must not take testosterone if you are pregnant or even planning to get pregnant. Also, a specialist may be able to take tests to find out your hormone balance, and thus be able to prescribe for you the exact mix of hormones that you will need to bring your levels into balance.

Then you will be given a prescription and sent to a compounding pharmacy, which is capable of mixing the hormones to the right level for you. These compounding pharmacies are more likely to be independent drug stores as opposed to one of the big chains.

You can now get testosterone supplements online. Normally you will have to fill in a form on the website which can help the program decide which form of supplement would be right for you. These are unlikely to be able to provide you with anything other than a prescription for a pre-mixed treatment though, so be careful.