Testosterone Cream for a Woman

Testosterone Cream for a Woman
Testosterone Cream for a Woman

Is it possible to get testosterone cream for woman?

We spotted a letter from a 51 year old woman on a health website the other day. She had completed the menopause and had not been in a sexual relationship for over 20 years. Recently, a man had come into her life and whilst he had been very patient and quite generous, the woman had not been able to become physically excited with him. Having checked with her doctor, she had accepted that the problem was with her hormones. She decided that she wanted to restore her hormone balance back to a normal level. Her doctor hadn’t heard of this, but she had heard of an ointment which contained 2% testosterone that apparently works wonders for people in her position. In order to get a prescription she needed her doctor to prescribe it for her and a compounding pharmacist to make it up for her. But her doctor didn’t know about this, so she was asking for information.

The testosterone cream DOES exist and is available for women. It is true that one of the symptoms of the menopause is a decreased libido or sex drive. Desire is lost for real, but at other times it can be due to the onset of physical discomfort during the time of intercourse usually because of a narrowing of the vagina or decreased lubrication. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) helps both with the health of bones and also improves dryness of the vaginal and makes those vaginal tissues more pliable.

Should you be using HRT, then the addition of some testosterone can be beneficial. The 2% testosterone ointment is testosterone propionate, and is rubbed into the woman’s external genitalia. It is one of the ways to deliver the hormone. The same answer also noted that whilst testosterone has been proved to be very effective for postmenopausal women, it has not been proved to be as effective for pre-menopausal women, although that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for them. Women who are pregnant or are thinking of becoming pregnant, should absolutely not be using testosterone.

Is testosterone cream as effective as testosterone injections, or capsules or patches?

Well it is most certainly easy to use since all you have to do is to rub it in once a day. It is quite easy to get hold of as well and unlike injections you can easily apply is yourself. As far as the cons are concerned, because it is so easy to apply there can be a bit too much of a temptation to increase the dose to dangerous levels. Also, testosterone cream cannot be evenly absorbed into the bloodstream, so sometimes you risk administering too high a dose.

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