Testoxyl Propionate

testoxyl propionate


Testoxyl Propionate is a mild androgenic drug with a small period of time with anabolic androgenic effects.

Injectable Testoxyl Propionate is used by many bodybuilders, primarily in very high-quality cycle, where is needed androgenic activity. This drug helps to achieve relief and dry muscle gains in a very solid and hard condition.

Testoxyl Propionate effect works very quickly, in just a few hours after the injection, you begin to feel a rush of good strength and a great desire to train.

Testoxyl Propionate is stacked ideally with anabolic steroids, Boldenone (Boldaxyl, Equipoise, Boldabol) is great. The cycle Propionate + Boldenone has a medium-strength indicators, and the quality and growth of dry and stiff muscles has very high data.

Propionate on this cycle is enough to inject 50-100 mg in one day. Boldenone can be administered at 200 mg every three days of the cycle.

The effect: it can be obtained from four to six kilograms of muscle mass, within 6 – 8 weeks of the reception of this pair of steroids.

Testoxyl Propionate Effects

Testoxyl Propionate exerts its effect on the course quickly without delay. Its active ingredient quickly begins to play and act in the body of the athlete.

The main effects of Testoxyl Propionate:

  • Maximum-dried appearance of a bodybuilder
  • Rapid and progressive increase of physical force
  • Growth of muscles with a dry state and relief
  • Improved muscle cell metabolism
  • High-quality and very fast recovery
  • Anabolic reactions are increased
  • Heals damaged tissue very quickly and the structure of muscle cells
  • Significantly increases active testosterone levels.

During the reception of Testoxyl Propionate, at a secondary level it aromatizes, since its base is testosterone. To reduce aromatization we advise you to put on course Winstrol injections. The course will be a very productive with a good fat-burning exposure throughout the body.

Course Propionate + Winstrol is very effective for high quality and the relief of muscle fibers.

Accumulation of fat and water after such a cycle in your muscles will not be observed.

It is enough to put in a day of each of these two drugs in a minimal dosage of one milliliter.

Propionate in time is best used in courses between 5 and 9 weeks.

Testoxyl Propionate Uses and Dosages

Testoxyl Propionate is best suited to all kinds of anabolic steroids. Such combinations gives very quick results, muscle growth is accelerated at times, as well as the development of physical strength.

Try to combine Propionate and Nandrolone Decanoate, such a course will be immediately reflected in increasing strength and growth of muscle mass.

Testosterone Propionate + Nandrolone Decanoate is a strong pair, which is able to develop the volume of your muscles more than six kilograms during one course.

Average dosage on this cycle is as following: Propionate is injected at 100 mg/EOD, Nandrolone is injected at 200 mg every 5 – 7 day of the course.

It is better to include in such a course Mesterolone for Sale (Buy Proviron, Proviroxyl for Sale) in the first 3-4 weeks to reduce the flavoring.

After the cycle, use Clomiphene Citrate (Clomid, Clomixyl, Clomed) which would restore hormones back to normal, together with body’s own testosterone.

Always at the time of Propionate admission, it completely accelerates the entire exchange of substances, respectively, protein metabolism and protein synthesis will be significantly increased.

Testosterone is a strong androgenic steroid, even in such a short ester like Propionate. Its power is very fast and almost has an instant impact.

The effectiveness of the course depends on the dosage of Propionate. It should not be less than 100 mg, within three days. And it is not necessary to exceed a maximum of 100 milligrams each day of the course.

Try always inject Propionate along with high quality supplements of oral steroids, one of the best is Turinabol (Turanabol, Turanaxyl).

Propionate + Turinabol cycle is very famous because of its popularity and high efficiency.

On it you will be able to get rid of the subcutaneous fat and fiber. And to complement your muscle volume with lean muscles.

It will very quickly develop the power activity in an athlete. Growth of physical strength will skyrocket to the top, leaving no obstructions and congestion.