Testosterone Information

General information of testosterone as a male hormone, the use of testosterone in medicine, testosterone products such as injections, pills, patches, gesl, creams and other forms of testosterone for women and men.

Testosterone Test

testosterone lab test

How do I get a testosterone test? First of all, at what point would it be decided that you need a testosterone test.

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High Testosterone Level

high testosterone

What happens to people with a high testosterone level? It’s also important to note that high testosterone is different for everyone.

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Effects of Extra Testosterone

What are the effects of extra testosterone? Well it depends on what the testosterone is extra to. If you take testosterone because your levels are very low and the extra testosterone brings you up to

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Testosterone Prescription

Do I need a testosterone prescription? The simple answer to this is that yes, you do need a prescription. But where there is a little bit of controversy over the subject of getting a prescription

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Testosterone Diet

What is a testosterone diet? At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how much you work-out in the gym, it doesn’t matter how many testosterone supplements that you take and you can’t continue

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Types of Testosterone Treatments

What is the best testosterone treatment? Experts feel that different people respond better to different testosterone treatments. Some doctors have talked about what is the best testosterone treatment for men and what is the best

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Testosterone Booster

Where do I get a testosterone booster? Why would you want a testosterone booster? Well, this site would suggest that the reason that you should want a testosterone booster is that you are showing the

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