High Testosterone Level

high testosterone

What happens to people with a high testosterone level?

There are different ways to look at this, because there are high testosterone levels which are safe for people as they fall within the normal range of testosterone and there are high testosterone levels which are dangerous for people as they take you to above the natural levels. It’s also important to note that high testosterone is different for everyone. What is high for one person may not be high for another. So when we talk about high testosterone here we are talking about a level which is high for the individual.

Should you have high testosterone but it is within the normal levels, then many of the things that happen could be quite positive, depending on what you regard as positive. For instance, people with high testosterone levels may feel that they have more energy and motivation to perform tasks than others. They may also feel that they are less prone to depression and certainly that their moods are more stable and they are less prone to irritability. We find this particularly interesting, because some people’s aggression or irritability is often put down to too MUCH testosterone when in fact taking a testosterone supplement will help to lower irritability and thus misplaced aggression.

High Testosterone Level
High Testosterone Level

Also, people with high testosterone may also have deeper voices. This may be a good thing for men, as it has been said that women like deep voices. However, high testosterone in women means deeper voices and that may not be such a good thing, although an “adult” phone line may have some work for you!

People with higher testosterone also seem to find their muscle definition to be stronger and they find it easier to lose fat whilst retaining lean muscle mass. But that requires a good diet as well.

Many people say that high testosterone means a higher libido and sex drive. This perhaps results more in the observation that people with low testosterone levels have a lower libido and sex drive and find less sensation in their lovemaking and that testosterone supplements boost these things.

As for what happens to people with high testosterone levels that are above what should be normal. Women could find their voices deepening too far for their liking, they may also suffer from irregular menstrual cycles, too much body hair and sometimes some male pattern baldness as well. Men can suffer from spots, and it also can result in a worsening of prostate cancer.

In general, high testosterone levels can be a good thing due to the importance of testosterone to the bodies functions. If you have low testosterone levels then we can understand why people want to make it high, but if it’s high, there is no need to supplement any more.