Testosterone Injections

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Testosterone Injections

Is it possible to get a testosterone injection?

Testosterone injections are used to treat people who lack testosterone because their body doesn’t produce enough natural testosterone by itself. However, some people also use testosterone to boost their sex lives or to help themselves compete at work.

You should not use a testosterone injection should you previously have had an allergic reaction to testosterone and men definitely should not take testosterone if they have prostate or breast cancer. Women, meanwhile, shouldn’t take testosterone should they be pregnant or are planning to become pregnant.

As with all medicines, it is important that you use and store the testosterone supplement carefully. Your doctor will give you instructions on how much of the medicine to use and how often you should use it.

Most testosterone injections are given by a shot into your buttock or thigh muscle. You should not be giving testosterone injections to yourself though, they should be given by a caregiver or a nurse who is trained to give intramuscular shots. A friend of yours or a family member can be trained to administer the medicine.

Should you be taking your shots at your home, then you must store your testosterone supplement carefully. The medicine must be kept at room temperature and kept away from moisture, heat and direct light. It shouldn’t be frozen under any circumstances. The reason why is that when the medicine gets too cold some crystals may form. You would need to warm the liquid then, by rolling the syringe in which it’s contained back and forth between your palms. Should the medicine be still in the vial, you should warm it in your hand and then shake the vial so you can dissolve the crystals.

Before you actually take your shot, you need to look carefully at the medicine. The liquid that you are about to inject needs to be completely clear. Should it have changed colour or you can see lumps, specks or solid pieces in it you must not use it.

This may seem obvious, but it is vital that you think about safety of other people in your home should you keep it there. You need to have a special container for all of your used syringes and needles, and make sure the container is kept where your pets or children can’t reach it. You must also not share your syringes, needles or medicines with anyone else.

You should also make sure that you are taking your doses regularly. If you miss a dose you should ensure that you take a shot as soon as possible, unless it is nearly time for the next one, in which case you should skip the missed dose. You should never use two doses together at the same time.

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