Testosterone Types

Various types of testosterone based products for women and men, the main use of testosterone pills, injections, supplements, creams, patches and other similar products made of this male hormone,

Testosterone Cream for a Woman

Is it possible to get testosterone cream for woman? We spotted a letter from a 51 year old woman on a health website the other day. She had completed the menopause and had not been

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Types of Testosterone Treatments

What is the best testosterone treatment? Experts feel that different people respond better to different testosterone treatments. Some doctors have talked about what is the best testosterone treatment for men and what is the best

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Testosterone Pill

Is there a testosterone pill? Why, when there are so many forms of testosterone therapy available, would someone choose to take testosterone as a pill? The most likely reason is the same as why most

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Natural Testosterone

How do I get natural testosterone? There is a difference between synthetic testosterone and natural testosterone and that is that natural testosterone is, molecule for molecule, the same as the testosterone made by the body.

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Testosterone Injections

Is it possible to get a testosterone injection? Testosterone injections are used to treat people who lack testosterone because their body doesn’t produce enough natural testosterone by itself. However, some people also use testosterone to

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