Natural Testosterone

Natural Testosterone
Natural Testosterone

How do I get natural testosterone?

There is a difference between synthetic testosterone and natural testosterone and that is that natural testosterone is, molecule for molecule, the same as the testosterone made by the body. The difference is though that natural testosterone can be converted to Estrogen, and is not as well absorbed into the body as methyltestosterone when it is taken orally.

A growing number of doctors have been using natural hormone replacement in recent years as people have seen an advantage in using hormones chemically to replace low levels that are the same as those made by the human body. The idea is that doctors will measure the level of the relevant hormone in your body and then customize a prescription to meet your individual needs.

The reason why you might like to use natural testosterone is simply that the human body has been designed to use human hormones. Therefore, if you find that your hormone levels are low, you should replace them with human hormones rather than hormones that have been extracted from animals or made by a chemist.

Doctors are trained normally to practice conventional hormone replacement. This involves using hormones created by the pharmaceutical companies, who mainly create synthetic hormone substitutes that are not chemically the same as that which is made by the human body. Also, when a doctor practices conventional hormone replacement they are less likely to measure all of your hormone levels and certainly less likely to be able to give you individualized treatment relevant to your particular situation.

To get natural hormones you should ask your doctor. Should you already be on hormone replacement, you should make sure that you are taking either micronized progesterone or estradiol. You can only get natural testosterone cypionate from special pharmacists known as micronized pharmacists or by mail order.

Compound pharmacies mix together by hand the natural hormones to meet the exact amount that your doctor has ordered. This cannot be achieved any other way, and may be a little bit more expensive than the more conventional testosterone replacement therapy but you do get the peace of mind that goes with a solution which is more individualized for you.

If all of this works then you get the benefits of truly successful hormone replacement. You should find you have more energy, less hot flushes and night sweats, better memory, less confusion, more youthful and healthier skin, more balanced moods, a normalization of your weight, less depression, less anxiety, an enhanced sexuality and libido and more reliable sleep patterns. There has also been some evidence that having the right levels of testosterone can improve your cholesterol and prevent osteoporosis.

Another great advantage of natural testosterone therapy is that there is less chance of side-effects as you have been using those hormones all along.

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