Testosterone for Females – Good or Bad?

Testosterone for Females
Testosterone for Females

Is testosterone for a female a bad thing?

Well here’s an interesting question. If I were to take on the job of public relations for testosterone I would look very quickly at why some people think that testosterone in a female could be a bad thing. Actually I would look at why people think testosterone is a bad thing in anybody. It simply gets a bad rap. For instance, many people say that when they see an angry or irritable man that it’s just the testosterone acting. Well in many cases, it could be a LACK of testosterone that is causing the irritability. So it’s very important that your testosterone are at normal healthy levels.

One of the problems is that nobody can really pin down what constitutes a normal, healthy level of testosterone. It is different for every person. For instance, in women a normal range of testosterone is between 15-70 ng/dl and in men it is between about 200-1000 ng/dl. These are pretty large ranges and that means that what is good for one person isn’t good for another. In general, your body should tell you whether you have the right amount.

Testosterone helps you keep up your energy levels, contributes to alertness and also boosts people’s sex drive. It is especially useful for women who have gone through the menopause and want to be able to keep their spirits, energy and libido. Testosterone also helps with bone density and motivation to perform tasks These are all positive side effects of testosterone, and can help your quality of life as well as, probably, that of people around you.

So why might it be seen as bad?

Well, the dosage has to be carefully monitored otherwise there can be some pretty nasty side-effects. Actually, it depends what you want to achieve. For instance, the East German athletic coaches who wanted to achieve gold medals in the Olympic Games for their female athletes stuffed them full of testosterone-based steroids which enabled them to develop their bodies into more “man-like” forms and compete at a higher level than other women. Of course, if your body is turning into a more man-like form you may be able to perform a higher level of athletic feats but you will also find that you could grow facial and body hair like a man. Your voice may deepen to sound like a man. Eventually, you are so near to being a man that you are forced to have a sex-chance to complete the job, which is what East German athlete Heidi Krieger had to do in the early 1990s having been European Shot Put champion in 1986. You can’t ask Heidi about it though – you have to ask a man called Andries.