Testosterone for Women

Testosterone for women for regulating the normal levels and mucle building purposes, medical uses of testosterone in women, the role of testosterone supplements, pills, patches and creams for women.

Testosterone Levels in Women

What should be the testosterone level in a woman? The realization has occurred in recent years of the importance of testosterone in women. Previously the hormone has been associated more with men, and sometimes it

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Testosterone Cream for a Woman

Is it possible to get testosterone cream for woman? We spotted a letter from a 51 year old woman on a health website the other day. She had completed the menopause and had not been

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Testosterone Levels in a Woman

testosterone women

What is the normal testosterone level in a woman? Testosterone is often referred to as a male hormone, but it is very important in women. Testosterone helps you to develop healthy bones, skin, muscles and

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Testosterone In Woman

Explain what testosterone in woman implicates? The seemingly natural inclination of men to be more competitive and aggressive has been often linked to the presence of testosterone – which is why it gets called a

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What Is Testosterone Therapy?

This is actually quite difficult to answer in all certainty. The reason for this is that every single person has a different level of testosterone with which they feel comfortable. And how people feel is

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Testosterone Supplements

Is it wise to take a testosterone supplement? Before answering this question we should look a little bit of the history of testosterone’s use in men and women. The very word testosterone conjures up an

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What Is The Testosterone Patch?

What is a Testosterone Patch? In basic terms, transparent testosterone patches are stuck onto the skin and release the male hormone testosterone into the system. The idea is to try and help women regain their

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Measuring Your Testosterone Level

How do you measure your testosterone level? An important point to start with is that there has not yet been a relationship established between sexual dysfunction in women and a specific level of testosterone. There

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What Is Testosterone Cream?

What is testosterone cream? Testosterone cream is an alternative to testosterone injections and testosterone patches. Topical testosterone cream is used as it is said to be absorbed more consistently by the body than the testosterone

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